Setting the RP URL in the Renaissance Wireless Server Utility

The Renaissance Wireless Server Utility is automatically installed with NEO Manager. Make sure you have installed NEO Manager before you follow these steps.

  1. Start the Renaissance Wireless Server Utility:
    • Windows computers: Click Start > All Programs > Renaissance Wireless Server > Renaissance Wireless Server Utility. (In Windows 8, you will find the utility in the list of all applications.)
    • Macintosh computers: In your computer's Applications folder, open the Renaissance Wireless Server folder. Then, double-click Renaissance Wireless Server Utility.
  2. If necessary, click Start.
  3. Type 1234 and click OK to log in. (This is the default Administrator PIN. If you have changed the PIN, enter your new PIN.)
  4. Click the Server Settings tab.
  5. Click Renaissance Place Settings.
  6. Enter the web address for the Renaissance Place site or the RPID where you use Accelerated Reader. (You can find the RPID on the page where you choose your user type before logging in; you can also find it on the Downloads page.) Then, click Verify to make sure the utility recognizes this as a valid address. Then, click OK.
  7. Click OK when the program verifies that the settings were changed successfully.