Monitor Override Preference

Use the Monitor Override preference to allow teachers and quiz monitors in your school to override the following restrictions for reading quizzes:

If you allow overrides, teachers can enter the class monitor password (set in the Monitor Password preference) to allow students to take quizzes on books with restricted book levels or interest levels or during times and dates that you have restricted.

The Date and Time Restrictions preference also includes an override setting, which mirrors the setting for those restrictions in the Monitor Override preference.

This preference can be found under the School Student Quizzing preferences (with two options) and under the School Date and Time Restriction preferences (with one option). If you change the date and time restrictions override option for this preference, it will be changed under both the School Student Quizzing preferences and under the School Date and Time Restriction preferences.

If you use this preference to allow your quiz monitors to override restrictions and blocked quizzes, you can use the Monitor Password preference to specify the actual password that your quiz monitors must use.