Quiz Record Deletion Best Practices

As a rule, students should not take a Reading Practice Quiz or an Other Reading Quiz more than once. If students have read a book within their zone of proximal development (ZPD), they are likely to pass the quiz because of the way it has been designed. If a student does not pass a quiz, the reading material was likely not appropriate for the student's skill abilities in the first place. In neither case does it make sense for the student to retake the quiz.

The following points help illustrate why deleting quiz records is not recommended:

  • Teachers and students need accurate information on student progress.
  • Developing the habit of deleting and allowing retaking promotes guessing and leads students to choose books that are too difficult.
  • Allowing students to take a quiz more than once may cause some students to take quizzes on books they haven't read because they have a good chance of passing the quiz after taking it several times.
  • Retaking quizzes can send a message to students that they can read carelessly, try the quiz, and if they're unsuccessful, be allowed to try again.
  • If a student is unsuccessful, there are probably some good reasons why.
    • The book was too difficult or too long.
    • The book was not interesting to the student or the student could not "get into" the content.
    • The book was inappropriate for age and maturity.

There are a few occasions, however, that may warrant deleting quiz data.

  • The student attempts a quiz while emotionally distraught. Family upheaval, bereavement, or other worries may distract a student and make it difficult to perform well on a book's quiz, even if the student has read carefully.
  • The student inadvertently selects the wrong quiz for the book read, or takes the quiz on the wrong student's record, and completes the quiz before telling the teacher.
  • The student takes a quiz while feeling ill.

In these three situations, it may be acceptable to delete the quiz record and allow the student to try again a little later. However, your best practice would be to coach students that it is all right to occasionally delay taking a quiz if they are upset or not feeling well. Be sure to recommend that students review the book after the delay or before trying again. It's also a good idea to have a brief discussion with the student about the book before the student takes a quiz again.