Deleting a Team Set

You can delete team sets that have been added to the program. When you do this, the teams that are part of the team set are also deleted, and the students who were assigned to those teams will no longer be assigned to a team. If you want those students included in your team reports, you will have to reassign them to other teams.

Who can do this with standard capabilities?

District Administrators, School Administrators, Teachers

  1. On the Home page, if you see Accelerated Reader, click it, then click Record Books and Goals.

    If you have the Accelerated Reader 360 Suite, select Independent Reading, then Record Books and Goals.

    If necessary, choose the school from the drop-down list. There is no need to select My Classes instead of a school since the class selected on this page has no effect on what you will see on the View Team Sets page.

  2. Click Teams in the list of Other Activities on the Class Record Books page.
  3. The View Team Sets page appears. It lists the team sets that have been created for this school. Click Delete in the row for the set you want to delete.
  4. If Delete is not available, it's because you are not the owner of this team set. Only the owner can manage a team set.

  5. If the team set did not have teams or have any students assigned to its teams, the team set is deleted.
  6. If the team set had students assigned to its teams, click OK when the program tells you that the set will be permanently deleted. Click Cancel if you do not want to delete the team set.

    The students who were on the teams in the team set you're deleting will not be on a team until you reassign them to one.