Book Level

Book level measures the readability of the text of a book or other reading material. By default, Accelerated Reader uses the ATOS Readability Formula for Books to determine the book level by using full-text computer scans of all the words in a book. ATOS does not analyze content, age appropriateness, or literary merit.

District and school administrators with default capabilities can change the current book level used in the software to Lexile® Measure. (This setting affects both Accelerated Reader and Star Reading.)

When the program calculates the possible points for a Reading Practice Quiz, it uses the book level and the word count in the calculation.

You can set up restrictions for students based on book level. In the Quiz Setup preference, you can set the range of book levels that students can find and take quizzes for. For individual students, you can use the Book Levels preference to restrict the book levels that students can take quizzes for (though students can still find other quizzes and the individual restrictions can be overridden by quiz monitors).