Auto Team Select

You can automatically divide your students among the teams in a set. Teams can help you see how groups of students are progressing toward their Reading Practice goals (average percent correct, points earned, and average book level on passed quizzes). Using the Team Standing Chart and the Team Status Report, you can then compare the progress of teams toward the goals you have set.

Before you assign students to teams, you must create a team set and add teams to the set.

Who can do this with standard capabilities?

District Administrators, School Administrators, Teachers

  1. On the Home page, if you see Accelerated Reader, click it, then click Record Books and Goals.

    If you have the Accelerated Reader 360 Suite, select Independent Reading, then Record Books and Goals.

    If necessary, choose the school from the School drop-down list. You do not have to select a class as it has no effect on what you will see on the View Team Sets page.

  2. Click Teams in the list of Other Activities.
  3. The View Team Sets page lists the team sets that are available in the school. Click the name of the team set you want to work with.
  4. The View Teams page lists the teams that are in the set you selected. Click Auto Team Select under Actions along the left side of the page.
  5. First, you must decide which students to add to your teams on the Auto Team Select Options page. Click the option to include only students who are in the "No Team" group or to select the classes with the students you want to assign to these teams.
  6. If you want to see which students are in the "No Team" group, click Add/Remove Students. On the Add/Remove Students page, you see a list of students who are currently enrolled in the "No Team" group. You can search for and add students to that group or remove them from it.

    If you chose to select classes, you must click Select Classes to choose the classes you want to include. Then, on the Select Classes page, check the box next to each class you want to include. Click Save Selection when you have finished.

  7. On the Auto Team Select Options page, you can also choose how to handle existing team members--that is, students who are already assigned to a team. Click the option to leave the students on their existing teams, redistribute them among the teams in this set, or remove (unenroll) existing team members from all teams.
  8. Click Finish when you've made your choices on the Auto Team Select Options page. The program will randomly distribute the students among the teams in this team set based on the choices you made.
  9. The Change Enrollment page lists the students and the teams they've been assigned to. You can use this page to transfer students from one team to another within a team set.
  10. Choose to work with a specific team or all the teams from the Team drop-down list. The program lists the students in the team(s) you chose and shows you the team they're currently on.

  11. Choose the team you want to transfer a student to from the drop-down list in the New Team column. Repeat this for every student you want to transfer to another team.
  12. Click Save when you've finished.
  13. Repeat steps 8-10 if you were working with a specific team (instead of all the teams) and you now need to transfer students who are on another team.
  14. Click Done when you've finished.