Articles and Article Quizzes

Students can now also find and read nonfiction articles and take quizzes when they select the Accelerated Reader Articles tile on their Home page. (If students have the "Read an Article" tile instead, you have Accelerated Reader 360; see the tip at the end of this topic.)

Students can search for articles at the top of the page, browse them by topic using the tiles (Animals, Culture, etc.), or read one of the new articles in the list.

Once students select Read & Quiz, they read the article, then take a brief, three-question quiz about it. For more information, see How Students Read Articles and Take Quizzes.

Teachers can see the results of the article quizzes that students have taken in the Other Reading Quizzes Record Book and in the Track Student Work view in the Reading Dashboard.

If you have Accelerated Reader 360, students also complete skills practice assignments related to the articles, and teachers can assign articles and their assignments to students. For more information, see Getting Started with Accelerated Reader 360 Assigned Reading.