Adding a Team Set

A team set is a group of teams. Students can be divided among the teams in a set.

Remember that after you create a team set, you must still add teams and assign students to the teams. Since team progress is measured by individual students' Reading Practice goals, you must also set goals for the students in order to obtain data for the team reports.

Who can do this with standard capabilities?

District Administrators, School Administrators, Teachers

  1. On the Home page, if you see Accelerated Reader, click it, then click Record Books and Goals.

    If you have the Accelerated Reader 360 Suite, select Independent Reading, then Record Books and Goals.

    If necessary, choose the school and class from the drop-down lists. Choose My Classes instead of a school if you want only the Accelerated Reader RP classes you are assigned to as a teacher to be in the class list, regardless of the school.

  2. Click Teams in the list of Other Activities.
  3. The View Team Sets page appears. Click Add Team Set.
  4. Type the team set's name on the Add Team Sets page. Then, choose an owner from the Owner drop-down list. Finally, click Add. The new team set is added to the list of team sets on the right side of the page. Repeat this step to add more team sets.
  5. When choosing an owner, keep in mind that teachers can only work with sets they own; administrators can work with any team set.

  6. Click Done when you've finished.