Progress Dashboard Page

On the Progress Dashboard page, you can see whether students are on track for completing the subskills assigned to their groups. You can also generate tests, view the status of students' work, and view their scores.

Choosing the School and Class

Use the drop-down lists at the top of the page to choose a different school and class if necessary.

Choosing the Learning Schedule

Since your class may have more than one Learning Schedule, you may need to choose the one that you want to work with. When you do this, you will see the groups that are using that Learning Schedule. When you change the assignment format (online or paper) or start an assignment cycle, you are only doing those actions for the groups that are using the selected Learning Schedule.

You may also see a message to tell you that some groups don't have a Learning Schedule; you can select the link in the message to go to the Learning Schedule page.

Choosing the Assignment Plan

The Learning Schedule is divided into Assignment Plans. By default, the Assignment Plan that is happening now is selected; use the drop-down list if you want to see student work from a different Assignment Plan.

select assignment plan and group

If you have not created any Learning Schedules for this class, the Assignment Plans are not yet available; create a Learning Schedule and come back to this page.

Choosing the Assignment Format

By default, your students will receive online assignments. When you select the assignment format, you can choose whether to have paper assignments instead. The choice that you make affects all groups that are using the Learning Schedule you have selected.

You can then choose the format for practices and for tests by selecting the icons as shown below. When you're done, select X to close the window.

For online assignments, students can log in to the software, see the problems on the assignment, and select their answers. Students can also get problem help or resources, and after completing their work they can go back and see the problems they missed.

When you choose paper assignments, the first practices will open when you choose to start an assignment cycle, and you can print them out for your students. After that, each student's next practice will print automatically as the student completes the current practice (unless students score the paper assignments in the software instead of using AccelScan, NEO 2, or Renaissance Responder - in that case, students need to print the assignments themselves). Students can complete paper practices by entering their answers in the software, scanning their answers on a card using AccelScan, or entering their answers using Renaissance Responders or NEO 2.

Choosing a Single Group

By default, all of your groups for the selected class are shown. To go to a specific group, click the group name after "Jump to:" at the top of the page.

Progress Charts

For each group, you will see a progress chart that shows the number of assignments that have been completed and the number that remain. The chart shows the number of assignments that students have completed so far in the Assignment Plan, the number of assignments remaining, and the number of days in the Assignment Plan. This can show you whether groups are on track to complete all of the assignments by the end of the Assignment Plan's time period.

The total number of assignments is based on the number of subskills × 2 (to count the practice and the test) × the number of students in the group. The other categories include the total number of assignments completed and remaining based on the subskills, practices, tests, and number of students.

Group Progress Chart

Viewing Assignments for a Group

Below the chart for each group, you will see a View Assignments link. Select this to see the assignments table for that group.

Status Shown in the Table

You will see the following:

  • The number of assignments in the Assignment Plan. Use the scroll bar under the table to scroll through the list. At the top of the table, you will see each assignment number; select that number to see a description as shown below.
    Assignment Description
  • The status of each assignment:
    • A white (blank) square means there is no activity, or the assigned subskill is available to be started when previous work is done.
    • Assignment Work Complete A dark green square shows you that the student has successfully passed practices and tests for the subskill.
    • A light green square shows you that the student has passed practice on the subskill but has not taken a test yet.
    • Practice in Progress A gray square with a P in a circle shows you that the student is working on a practice now that has not been scored.
    • Test in Progress A light green square with a T in a square shows you that the student is working on a test now that has not been scored for this assignment/subskill.
    • Intervene Triangle A square with a red triangle and exclamation point shows you that the student has done work for the subskill but has not scored well enough to continue (Intervene). Select the square to see scores and assignment options for the student. After working with the student, you can generate a practice or test for this subskill.
    • New Test Needed An exclamation point shows you that the student is ready for a new test. If the assigned subskill has been marked "Intervene," the student has practiced the subskill again and has passed the practice, so the student is now ready for a new test. If the subskill was not marked Intervene, but the student's test was deleted, this shows that the student is ready to receive a new test.

Generating Assignments (the First Practice and Tests)

When a new Assignment Plan starts, select each Learning Schedule, then select Start Assignment Cycle; a message will tell you how many assignments have been generated. This will generate a practice for assignment number 1 in this Assignment Plan for each group that is using that Learning Schedule. The assignment will be in the format you selected at the top of the page: online or paper. (If you chose paper, the assignments will open after they are generated so that you can print them.) Be sure to start the assignment cycle for each Learning Schedule if you have different Learning Schedules for some groups.

After students complete each practice, the software automatically generates the next one until the Assignment Plan is complete. Tests, however, must be generated by the teacher.

To generate a test for all students in a group, in the assignments table, check the box for each assigned subskill that you want to include in the test. Then, select Generate Test above the table. (Note: If you generate a test for students who already are working on a test, they will receive the new test after they finish the current one; if you generate multiple tests, students will get each test after they finish the previous one.)

Generate Test

Viewing Student Work for a Specific Subskill

To see a student's scores on assignments for a specific subskill, select the square for that student and subskill. You will see the scores for scored assignments or "In Progress" for unfinished assignments. To open an assignment, select View. If you want to delete an assignment that is in progress, select X.

Hiding the Assignments Table

Select View Assignments again above the table to hide assignments for a group.

Viewing Additional Student Data in the Math Dashboard

In the Math Dashboard, you can view more information about your students' Star Math achievement and their performance on Accelerated Math 2.0 assignments. To go to the Math Dashboard, select this button in the top-right corner of the page:

In the Math Dashboard, you can see the following:

  • A fan graph showing students' test scores for the timeframe you've selected, including comparisons and Student Growth Percentiles
  • Graphs showing students' percent correct for practices, tests, and review problems and the total number of subskills mastered
  • Practice Diagnostic charts showing the performance of groups and students on the percent correct and subskills mastered metrics (groups may include Accelerated Math groups, Star Benchmark groups, or custom groups)
  • Skills and standards for your students' grade or subject, Scaled Score, and domain, including resources that you can use to help students with each skill (availability depends on your version of the Math Dashboard)