Learning Schedule

Learning Schedules help you plan the learning paths that each group of students will follow. Using content from the Learning Progression, Learning Schedules provide a teachable order for the standards and skills that each group will practice.

Learning Schedules are divided into Assignment Plans, which are shorter time periods (20 days by default) that include specific skills to be covered with the students (typically related skills from the same or related standards). During an Assignment Plan, students work on practices and take tests to demonstrate what they have learned about the skills.

When you create a Learning Schedule, Accelerated Math sets up the Assignment Plans and skills included based on:

  • the start and end dates for the Learning Schedule
  • the schedule type that you choose (either a grade/subject or a Star Recommended Learning Schedule, which chooses the skill to start with based on the median Scaled Score for students in the group)
  • the number of days you've chosen for each Assignment Plan
  • for Star Recommended Learning Schedules only, the skills you chose to include (Focus Skills or All Skills) and the approximate number of hours per week that students will practice the skills from their Assignment Plans (time on task)

If you include All Skills for a Star Recommended Learning Schedule, the software finds the best skill and subskill to start with in the Learning Progression based on the median Star Math Scaled Score of the students in the group(s). Not all skills have subskills, so the software will choose the first applicable skill that includes one or more subskills.

If you choose to include only Focus Skills, the software first determines the starting point based on the group's median Star Math Scaled Score; then, it determines whether that skill is a Focus Skill. If not, the Learning Schedule will start with the next Focus Skill in the Learning Progression; only Focus Skills that have one or more subskills are used. (Focus Skills are the skills that are most critical for success at a particular grade level.)

The skills selected for a Star Recommended Learning Schedule may not be the same as the Star Math suggested skills or the skills included in the Star Math Instructional Planning Report. This is because Star Math determines suggested skills for each domain, while the Star Recommended Learning Schedule finds the first applicable skill based on the group's median Scaled Score regardless of domain, and then continues with subsequent skills in teachable order.

You can adjust days in the Learning Schedule, the skills included, and the order of subskills.

You choose the groups that will use a Learning Schedule when you create or edit the Learning Schedule. Different groups in a class can have different Learning Schedules, even if some students are in more than one group. Students who are in more than one group receive assignments for both groups, and they choose the group to work in when they log in to the software.