How Students Use NEO 2 to Complete Paper Assignments

Renaissance Responders and NEO 2 will no longer be supported after future software updates.

If you have NEO 2s, your students can use them to enter their answers to paper assignments (but not online assignments). Before they can use NEO 2 with Accelerated Math 2.0, you must connect a Renaissance Receiver to your computer and install the Renaissance Responder program.

Before students use NEO 2 with Accelerated Math 2.0, please note:

  • Make sure your students have their printed assignments. The NEO 2 does not show the problems on assignments.
  • In Accelerated Math 2.0, students can use NEO 2s for either practices or tests.
  • Close other programs that are using the Renaissance Receiver (such as AccelTest or the 2Know! Toolbar). The Renaissance Responder software can't use the Renaissance Receiver if another program is already using it. The Receiver will only recognize the first program you started.

Students can only use their NEO 2s for assignments in school and while you have the Renaissance Responder program open. Follow these steps:

  1. Start the Renaissance Responder program. On Windows computers, you can find the program in the Start menu or list of all applications. On Macintosh computers, you will find it in the Applications folder.
  2. If the program can't communicate with Renaissance Place, click Server Settings and enter the name or IP address of your Renaissance Place server; then, click OK.

  3. Enter your Renaissance Place user name and password; then, click Log In.
  4. The Renaissance Responder program will start, with the Renaissance Wireless Server running in the background. In the Renaissance Responder program, you can see which students are working on assignments, their form numbers and assignment types, and which items they've completed.

  5. The student presses on/off to start the NEO 2.
  6. The student presses applets on the NEO 2.
  7. The student uses the arrow keys to move the cursor next to Responder and presses enter.
  8. If this NEO 2 has been connected to a Renaissance Receiver before, it asks the student if he/she wants to stay connected to that Receiver; the student can press Y for yes or N for no and then press enter.
  9. If this NEO 2 hasn't been connected to a Renaissance Receiver before, it will show the student a list of the Receivers that are in range. The student uses the arrow keys to highlight the correct Receiver and presses enter.

    If your school has more than one Renaissance Receiver, give the Receivers different names when you connect them so that students know which to select.

  10. Next, the student enters the form number that is on the top of the paper assignment and presses enter.
  11. If NEO 2 tells the student to wait until the assignment is retrieved, the student presses enter.
  12. When NEO 2 shows the student name and form number, the student presses Y for yes and presses enter to continue if the information is correct.
  13. NEO 2 will show the first problem in the assignment. The student presses the letter of the correct answer and then presses enter to answer each question. Then, the next question is shown. Students can also do the following:
    • Students can press the up and down arrow keys to scroll through a question.
    • Students can press -? if they want to use the up and down arrow keys to go forward or back one question. (Double arrows will appear to the right of the question.) If they want to go back to using those arrow keys to scroll through questions, they can press -? again.
    • Students can press find, type the question number, and press enter to go to a specific question.
    • Students can press  and the down arrow key to go to the end of a question.
    • Students can press  and the up arrow key to go to the beginning of a question.
  14. After the student answers all the questions, the program asks if the student is ready to submit the work. The student presses Y to submit the assignment or N to go back and review the questions.
  15. If NEO 2 asks the student to wait while the assignment is saved, the student presses enter.
  16. NEO 2 tells the student to go to the printer and get information on his work. The student presses any key, and NEO 2 goes back to the list of SmartApplets. A summary of the student's work will print to the default printer for the computer that has the Renaissance Receiver connected. The next practice or test may also be printed if more work is available in this Assignment Plan.
  17. When all students have finished their assignments, the teacher clicks End Session in the Renaissance Responder program and closes the program.