Using the Math Glossary in the Assignment Book

If you have an Enterprise subscription to Accelerated Math, you have a math glossary link within the Assignment Book. This glossary defines terms that are used in the objectives in your libraries. If you have access to the math glossary, students who are using Renaissance Home Connect also have access to the glossary.

Follow these steps to use the math glossary:

  1. Select the green Accelerated Math tile (shown below) on the Home page; then, select Assignment Book.

    The Assignment Book lists the students who are in one class. The class name is shown above the list of students. If you have access to more than one Accelerated Math school, use the School drop-down list to choose the school for which you want to view a class Assignment Book. If you have more than one class, and you want to select a different class, click the Class drop-down list and select the class name.

  2. Click Math Glossary on the left side of the page.
  3. If you want to limit the glossary to terms for certain grade ranges, click the Grade drop-down list and choose a range.
  4. If you want to search for an objective, enter a term and click Search. The terms that matched your search will be listed; the list will include a brief definition for each term.
  5. If you prefer to browse through the glossary by letter, click a letter to see the terms in the glossary that begin with it.

  6. Click a term to see a full definition.
  7. The term's definition will be shown. To hear the term and definition, click the speaker icon. If there is a Play button, click it to see an animation that helps explain the term.
  8. To go back to your search results, click Return to Search.
  9. To go back to the Assignment Book, click Return to Assignment Book.