Student Standards Mastery Report

The Student Standards Mastery report shows how each student's mastery of objectives correlates to the state or NCTM standards. With this report, you can see how each student is progressing toward mastering these standards. Each student's information is listed in a separate section. For each student, the report includes this information:

  • Agency: The source agency.
  • Standard: The standard to which the information is applied.
  • Tag: The report shows the name of the tag, a description, and a list of the objectives that apply to it.
  • Objective: The objective numbers and descriptions.
  • Library Objective Code: This code shows which library each objective comes from as well as the number of the objective within that library.
  • Last Test Percent Correct: The student's score (percent correct) on the last test for this objective. Diagnostic tests are included in this data.
  • Mastered: This shows whether the student has mastered the objective.

When you print this report, you can select the classes or students to include, the reporting parameter group, the percent correct required to master the math standards, and the math standards agencies to include. You can also choose whether to include only objectives for which students have completed assignments, whether to include a page break after each student, and whether to print the report options you've selected on the report itself.