Generating Assignments

In the Assignment Book, you can generate a practice, exercise, test, or diagnostic test. At the Extended Response page, you can generate Extended Response assignments. Accelerated Math automatically keeps track of the assignments you have already generated.

As you generate assignments, you choose whether they should be online assignments or paper. For online assignments, students log in using a computer or tablet, and they can see the problems for the assignments and resources to help them in their work. For paper assignments, students receive a printed copy of the assignment, and they can score the assignment by scanning answers, by using Renaissance Responders or NEO 2s, or by logging in and selecting their answers in the software. (Renaissance Responders and NEO 2 will no longer be supported after future software updates.)

For paper assignments, you can use the Paper Assignments preference to decide whether you want to preview assignments in Adobe Reader before printing, or whether you prefer to print assignments directly to your default printer with no preview. You can also decide whether to enable duplex printing. If you choose to print directly, you will need the plug-in required by the software. You must download and install the plug-in before printing the assignments.

What do you want to generate?

A practice.

An exercise.

An Extended Response assignment.

A test.

A diagnostic test.