Accelerated Math Preferences

Accelerated Math has two types of preferences: classroom preferences, which can be set differently for different classes, and a user preference, which affects only the person who is currently logged in. Teachers, school administrators, and district administrators with the default capabilities can change the classroom preferences. School staff and district staff cannot view or change the settings of classroom preferences. Any user of Accelerated Math can change the user preference.

Preferences let you customize the way Accelerated Math works for your class or school. For more information about a preference, click its name in the list below.

Classroom Preferences:

  • Class Marking Periods (sets the marking periods used for goals)
  • Extended Response (sets the passing percentage for these assignments)
  • Online Resources (sets whether students will see instructional videos or peer help - the names of other students who may be able to help with an objective)
  • Paper Assignments (sets options for the format and printing of paper assignments)
  • Practice (sets the default size and duration, the percentage of review problems, and whether objectives will be assigned automatically as needed)
  • Renaissance Home Connect (if available in the school or district; sets whether students can score/complete practices and exercises when opening the Accelerated Math software from Renaissance Home Connect)
  • Scoring (sets whether the next practice is generated automatically and whether students can score their own paper exercises and tests)
  • TOPS Report and Online Review (sets options for what appears on TOPS Reports and in online problem review)

User Preference:

  • General (sets how many items appear at a time in vertical lists)

Note: You can also copy preference settings from one class to others; click here for more information.