Parent Report

You can use this report to give your students' parents or guardians a snapshot of their math progress. Each student's information is printed on its own page. You can print the report in English or Spanish by customizing it.

For each student, the report shows this information, both for the marking period and the school year:

  • Percent Correct: The percentage of practice, test, and review problems that the student has answered correctly. Practice problems appear on practices and exercises; review problems from Mastered objectives appear on practices. Diagnostic tests are included in test data.
  • Objectives Mastered: The number of objectives that the student has mastered in this time period.

If you have defined marking periods and set goals, the report also shows this information for the marking periods:

  • Marking Period Mastery Goal: The student's goal for this marking period, which shows the number of objectives the student was to have mastered. The parent can compare the actual objectives mastered to the goal.
  • Test Percent Correct Goal: The student's test percent correct goal for this marking period. The parent can compare the actual percent correct to this goal.

The report also explains terms that may not be familiar to parents and guardians. The bottom of the report includes space for student and parent signatures.

When you print this report, you can select the classes or students you want to include, the reporting parameter group, and the date range for the information. You can also decide whether to include a comparison to the class median and signature blanks for the teacher and parent, and you can choose whether to print the report in Spanish.