Getting Ready for a New School Year

Before you start each new school year, you need to check, add, edit, and delete information as needed so that teachers are ready to use Accelerated Math with their new classes. Perform the tasks below when the previous school year has ended but before the start of the new school year.

Note: If you have the Renaissance Data Integrator (RDI) service, your database is automatically linked to your student information system (SIS) data. Do not follow the instructions in the list of Setup tasks; instead, contact your Technical Services Consultant to set up RDI for the new school year. (You may still need to assign products to classes after RDI is run.)

If you want to use Accelerated Math during summer school, you should wait to perform these steps. For tips, see Knowledge Base article 7901571 at

Setup Tasks for the New School Year

Before you get Accelerated Math ready for the new school year, administrators or other non-teaching staff need to perform these setup. For details, see Getting Ready for a New School Year in the Renaissance Place help.

  • Add the new school year (must be done by district administrators or district staff).
  • Add the marking periods for each school (used for goals and reports) or copy the marking periods from the previous school year.
  • Add the days off for each school (used for report calculations) or copy the days off from the previous school year.
  • Check to see which personnel are in the software and add, edit, or delete personnel as needed.
  • Check to see which students are in the software and add or delete students as needed. You can also transfer students from one school to another, edit student information, and edit student characteristics.
  • Review the course list for each school and add, edit, or delete courses as needed.
  • Copy classes from the previous school year, or add classes to the new school year. (Classes do not carry over from one school year to the next, so you need to add them each year.)
  • You must also assign personnel to each class, choose the products the class will use, and enroll students in each class.

Accelerated Math Tasks for the New School Year