Using NEO 2 with Accelerated Math Live

Renaissance Responders and NEO 2 will no longer be supported after future software updates.

NEO 2 is used in many school classrooms for student writing, quizzing, keyboarding practice, and other tasks. It can also be used with Accelerated Math and Accelerated Reader.

Students can use NEO 2s to score paper Accelerated Math assignments if you do the following:

  • Connect a Renaissance Receiver connected to your computer.
  • Download the Renaissance Responder client program from Renaissance Place and install it on the computer that has the Receiver connected.

When the Receiver is connected and the Renaissance Responder program is installed, students can complete their paper practices using the Responder SmartApplet on the NEO 2. If the Accelerated Math Scoring Preference allows them to score their own exercises and tests, students can also complete paper assisted-response exercises and tests using NEO 2.

Like the Responder, NEO 2 does not show students the problems in the assignment; instead, it shows them the answer choices and allows them to select one. Students will need printed copies of assignments that they plan to complete on NEO 2.

Online assignments cannot be completed with NEO 2. Students must log in to the software to complete online assignments.