Installing the AccelScan Software on Macintosh Computers

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrators, District Staff, School Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

AccelScan scanners and the AccelScan Scanning software can be used to score paper Accelerated Math assignments. (Online assignments are scored automatically, so you don't need to use scanners to score them.)

If you plan to use AccelScan for scoring, the AccelScan Scanning software should be installed on computers where you will be using the AccelScan to scan student answers to Accelerated Math assignments. To download and install the software on Macintosh computers, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged into the computer with the rights or permissions required to install software for all users. If you do not know whether you have those rights at the computer, or if you don't have those rights, contact your school's technology/computer coordinator.
  2. On the Home page, click Product Administration.
  3. Click Download Supporting Software.
  4. On the next page, click Downloads on the left (or on the top).
  5. When the Downloads page opens, first note the server name or IP address; then, under Renaissance Place Downloads, click AccelScan on the Macintosh tab.
  6. Save the file to your computer or network.
  7. Double-click the AccelScan2.0.3.dmg file that you downloaded. The volume will open.
  8. Double-click the AccelScan package file.
  9. Click Continue on the Welcome panel of the installation assistant.
  10. The software will be installed on the hard drive; if you want to choose a different location, click Change Install Location, then click a drive. Click Continue.
  11. Click Install.
  12. Enter the administrator user name and password when the program asks for this information; then, click OK.
  13. Click Close when the installation is successful.
  14. Open the Applications folder and double-click AccelScan.
  15. When you start the program for the first time, the server settings dialog box will appear.
  16. Enter the server name or IP address that was on the page where you downloaded the program. (If you are connecting to a secure server, enter the server name, not the IP address.) If you are not sure what to enter, ask your server administrator. Click OK in the server settings window.

    If the Server Settings dialog box doesn't appear, but you want to check the address, you can open it by clicking the AccelScan menu and choosing Preferences.

    If you have problems connecting the AccelScan software to Renaissance Place, go to the section titled "Unable to Connect the Client Applications" in For more information about firewall, proxy, or content filtering settings, see

  17. Enter the user name and password that you use to log in to Renaissance Place. Then, click Log In. (To use the AccelScan Scanning software, you must be an Accelerated Math user who has the right to score assignments.)
  18. The program will search for the AccelScan Scanner that is connected to this computer. When the scanner is ready, you will see the Ready to Scan message, and the screen will ask you to insert a card into the scanner.
  19. If the program cannot find the scanner, the software will notify you that the scanner was not found and that there were problems communicating with the scanner. If this happens, follow these steps:

    1. Make sure the scanner is on; then, click the Scanner Settings button.
    2. Check the port and the status. If the wrong port is shown, select the port where the AccelScan is connected. The Status will tell you when the scanner has been detected.
    3. If you wish, you can also change the scanner's sensitivity to marks on the cards by moving the arrow. Notice that the scanner settings also include a box labeled Allow Background Scanning; if this box is checked, you can use the scanner with the software even when the software is in the background on your computer.
    4. When you have finished, click OK.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Click the AccelScan menu and choose Preferences.
    2. In the preferences window, click the Printer icon.
    3. You can choose to use your computer's default printer (use defaults) or to choose a different one (use my settings). Click one of the options.
    4. If you chose use my settings, click Printer Settings next to that option. Then, click the Printer drop-down list and choose a different printer. You can also use the Presets drop-down list or click the arrow button to choose more settings for the printer. When you've finished, click Save.
    5. Click OK to close the preference window.