An exercise is one of two types of practice assignments generated by Accelerated Math. Exercises are primarily for in-class use as a way to support and reinforce objectives covered in a daily lesson. Exercises can also be used to provide additional directed practice for specified objectives. The teacher can set the number of problems per objective to include on the exercise.

Online exercises are assisted-response only. Students complete them by logging in to the software. As they work on assignments, they can see resources to help them (such as worked examples) and flag problems that they want to come back to. After they submit their work, students can see their score and view the problems they got wrong; they may also see the correct answer.

Paper exercises can have either assisted-response (multiple-choice) or free-response problems. Students can score assisted-response exercises in one of these ways:

Free-response exercises must be scored by the teacher using Keyboard Score in the Assignment Book or by scanning cards with "A" marked for correct answers and "B" for incorrect answers.