Extended Response Diagnostic Report

This report gives you an overview of student progress on Extended Response objectives; for Standard objectives, see the Diagnostic Report. The Extended Response Diagnostic Report can be printed from either the Accelerated Math Reports page or directly from the Extended Response page for a class.

The Extended Response Diagnostic Report summarizes your student's scores on Extended Response assignments. For these assignments, students receive scores in up to three categories: answer, strategy, and understanding. The answer key that can be generated with an Extended Response assignment can help you score the assignments.

For each student, the Extended Response Diagnostic Report includes this information:

  • Assignments Completed: The number of Extended Response assignments that the student has completed.
  • Answer: The student's overall score and percentage for answers to Extended Response assignments. The score shows the number of points the student earned and the number of possible points. For example, if the score shows 1 / 2, the student earned 1 of 2 possible points.
  • Strategy: The student's overall score and percentage for the strategy used in Extended Response assignments.
  • Understanding: The student's overall score and percentage for the understanding demonstrated while working on Extended Response assignments.
  • Total: The student's overall score on Extended Response assignments.

The end of the report will show a summary.

When you print this report at the Accelerated Math Reports page, you can choose the classes or students to include, the reporting parameter group, the date range to include (predefined or custom), whether to group students by class, and whether to print the options you selected on the report. If you group students by class, you can also choose to start the information for each class on a new page.