Capabilities give users the right to perform specific tasks in this software. Capabilities are sometimes known as rights, access, and/or privileges.

Accelerated Math uses capabilities to determine what users can do.

On the Home page, you can find the capabilities by selecting Product Administration, then Define User Capabilities.

Most often, the capabilities you have depend on which of these seven user groups you belong to:

District Users

School Users

Other Users

Each user group has certain capabilities assigned to it by default, but these defaults can be changed (see below). Some capabilities affect multiple programs, while others affect specific programs. Accelerated Math capabilities include Create District Accelerated Math Objective Lists, Create School Accelerated Math Objective Lists, and View Accelerated Math Team Data on Reports.

Do you have more than one assigned role? Go to the Home page and click your name at the top. If you see a Change Role option in the menu that opens, use it to choose a different role. You may have links available for one role that are not available for the other.

Changing Capabilities

The only people who can change capability settings (by default) are district administrators and school administrators.

If you are a teacher, you cannot view or change your capabilities. Contact your district administrator or school administrator for assistance.

The settings for capabilities can be changed in one of two ways:

  • Changing the setting only affects people who are already in the user group when the setting is changed. Anyone added to the user group after that will still get the default settings for the capability.

  • Changing the setting only affects people who are added to the user group after the setting is changed. Anyone already in the user group before that will keep their existing settings for the capability.